packaging, PRINT

2/3 Dolci
mid-autumn festival

The brief from the client was to have 2 different box set this year. 4 piece egg custard with tea and 6 pieces egg custard. Besides the packaging, we also did the collection voucher with the an envelope as well as the leaflet all in line with the theme.

Last year we did a very simple blue box mooncake 4 pcs for 2/3 Dolci and this year we wanted to create something more modern but with a hint of festive feeling. We love the idea of using the brand craft paper as the box and by putting a hot stamp gold on it. Using the brand colour a blue and red – we set the scene as the moon. Hot stamp gold as clouds and a little blue rabbit staring to the moon. By having a blue base make the mooncake set much more premium feeling.

The tea bag – we wanted a cohesive feel throughout the packaging and so besides putting the tea name and ingredients, we also put on a rabbit. We also have a little greetings inside the box. Initially the client was worried about the having a craft paper box since could feel cheap, but we feel with the craft paper and hot stamp gold can really create something special and stands out from the rest of the market. It was a bit of a gamble, but it seems like it is a hit as they are all sold out this year.

Besides the packaging we also did voucher, voucher’s envelope, leaflets and posters for the client to sell their products with.