ROKO Studio started as a niche graphics design over 8 years ago and has since added in photography. Based in Hong Kong and run by creative director Polly Ko, we delivers well-crafted and contemporary timeless design with deep understanding in sustainably in printing.

Our graphics work includes corporate identity, printing communications and unique packaging, Polly has an in-depth understanding in printing with materials & sustainability and has always works closely with printers in order to get the perfect solution.

Polly has always loved photography and started as a client’s requests: our photography started with products and food. However Polly’s passion is to use natural light with portrait photography and just capturing the moment.


2010 Hong Kong - Founded by Polly Ko
2016 to 2018 Singapore & Hong Kong


For almost two decades, I have been a graphics designer creating different brands and packagings for clients in a wide range of industries. Before starting ROKO Studio, I worked for large brand consultancies as well as known graphics design houses in London, UK & Hong Kong.

I have always loved picking up a camera and since having a family of my own, I find myself more drawn to taking lifestyle portraits and simply capturing the moment in time. Moving to Singapore in 2016 gave me an opportunity to do even more photo shooting and people started asking me for it.

Doing graphics or photography I search for perfection. I love problem-solving — conceptually, visually and technically, finding new ways to communicate through design/image. No problem is too big nor too small.

I’m passionate about the environment and has gain experience and knowledge in printing and production, in which I try to involve as much sustainability in my design and production for my clients.

Kids will be kids.

Kids will be kids.