Packaging, print

2/3 Dolci
Gift Box 2017

Brief:  2 boxes size for 8 pcs and 6 pcs. 2 sizes mooncake (mini traditional crust and chocolate crust). 8 pcs box looking for a new shape - easy to store and costs remain low. Design: More colours than previous year, modern, something new with something old.

8 pcs box: We decided to go with an 10 sides shape with 2 layers blister. 
6 pcs box: Traditional rectangular box - able to fit both different mooncakes.

Design: Decided early on just to print 2 Pantone with hot stamp gold and design we wanted a mixture of graphic and organic forms on the packaging to give it a modern twist. Using our previous cloud shape we designed for 2/3 Dolci and their unique graphic branded pattern for inside the lotus flower and added a hand drawn bunny with lotus leaves to give it a fluid feeling.