Packaging, print

2/3 Dolci
christmas collection

Styling and photography is taken in our studio with natural lighting.

Design Packaging & Output: 2/3 Dolci 2015 Christmas gourmet gifts collection.

ROKO Studio created all of the packaging with an Italian inspired pattern – all in a combination of festive colours of red, blue and hot stamp gold. Individually, each item is unique and exclusive. From paper boxes for teas or chocolate carre to tin boxes.

Our favourite: 16 pieces carre blue box. Folded base craft paper box base, top lid white matt printed with blue, red and hot stamp gold wrapped around grey card paper.

Red and blue star. Structure was designed by ROKO Studio. Box is lie flat and folded in to create star structure. Glue on 3 side with one opening. Use colour paper (red / blue) and hot stamp gold to match the remain of the packaging.