The Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) is being established with support from financial institutions across the region. AIGCC aims to help investors in Asia understand and take appropriate action on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

ROKO Studio is delighted and proud to be part of this climate change project.

CONCEPT: We wanted to show the idea of growth in AIGCC as most of the participants are financial institutions, so by targeting climate change it can directly effect positively in the investment as well. As the name of Asia Investor Group on Climate Change worked very well as an ascending chart, we can demonstrate this very visually in the logo.

COLOURS: By incorporating a green gradation to blue in the logo, it gives the viewer that not only the shape shows this is investment related, but this is green investment as in the main colours of our planet Earth.

OTHER APPLICATIONS: So far, we have done the website design as well as their business cards. We wanted a very clean and simple look for the application. As we believe AIGCC will be an information based group. By creating a clean simple identity, we can emphasis on the information. We understand AIGCC current needs but also know they will be growing very fast in the near future and so we created a grid in the website that they can grow for the future. We are looking forward to more applications later on in the near future.

Please visit their website:

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Asia Investor Group on Climate Change