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Hang lung
young architects program

Hang Lung Properties Limited (Hang Lung) engage with local social enterprise Walk in Hong Kong (WIHK) to create the Hang Lung Young Architect Program. Its goal is to nurture the curiosity toward Hong Kong’s architecture, as well as the history and culture behind, of about 300 young people in the city.

Client brief: Logo need to be dynamic and young, with a touch of human element. 

The final logo chosen used the words YA (Young Architect) with a folding/overlapping effect with gradation and shadows. The gradation of apple green to turquoise gave the feeling of youthfulness. The shape of the A also has a abstract person inside which is part of the human element the client wanted.

The poster illustration was also created as a abstract montage of a few of Hong Kong's architecture. Top section is Hong Kong University building, right is the historical Western Market and the bottom are the stone steps from Pottinger Street in Central.