packaging - Limited edition

the peninsula
hong kong

The Peninsula Limited-Edition Valentine’s Day Artisanal Chocolates. 

The brief was a box to hold 12 pieces of heart shaped chocolate which has different colours – it must look & feel premium and exquisite!

The idea is a jewel box which holds 12 jewels of different flavour heart shaped chocolate. The shape of the box is a distinctive asscher diamond cut which is covered with a black leather paper gold stamped foil with The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong logo.

When the box is opened – we proposed to the client to place a quote by Beth Revis – “And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.” – the client really loved it and they also wanted a card to hold a private message as well. The detail of red ribbed ribbon opens up to reveal the colourful chocolates underneath.


Each chocolate has a jewel name & the flavour – which is gold stamped onto the horse hair fabric paper – the black really helps the beautiful chocolate to standout. We used 3 kinds of different black paper – black leather on the outside, slight woven black paper and the horse hair fabric paper.  The horse hair fabric paper is used as the platform which has 12 heart shaped holes and each hole fits a black colour heart shaped blister in which each chocolate sits in elegantly. This gives the box an extra dimension & tactile feel to make it extra extravagant.


Ruby - passionate love (Wild Strawberry)
Amethyst - true love (fig)
sapphire - eternal love (blackberry)
tanzanite - spiritual love (grand cru chuao)
tsavorite - love knot (pistachio)
jade - new love (lime)

emerald - preserve love (matcha yuzu)
yellow diamond - pure love (banana)
amber - unconditional love (caramel)
fire opal - faithful love (blood orange)
conch pearl - treasure love (grapefruit)
red diamond - precious love (passion fruit)

Each jewel has a love meaning and the client really liked the idea and wanted to show it. So we decided when the chocolate is picked up, you can see the love meaning – which is printed on the vellum that sits under the chocolate on the blister – as an extra surprise!