A brand is not just about a logo or an identity, but about understanding where you want to take your business, how to differentiate yourself from others and what the brand should communicate about your company. This is a useful thought process to go through particularly when starting up a new business or the business has been growing very fast in the past few years, and you feel like it is time to take step back and have an overall view. 

We help you think differently about your business and support you to gather the information needed that will enable you to navigate your brand on a growth trajectory.




During this consultation we will ask where you want to take your business, and identify your corporate values, aims, target markets, product focus and consumer journey. During past brand strategy sessions we have done with clients, they have often said things like ‘can you please record what I just said because I’ve never said it like that before’, or ‘I’ve never thought about that before, you’ve given me some good ideas’.

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During this consultation we will ask where you want to take your business, and identify your corporate values, aims and target markets, we will also do brand audit to look at the corporate identity that has been created in the company and write a visual audit report. We will then make recommendations and point out issues that may need to be corrected and point out how the brand can move towards where you intend to take your business.

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Our clients says:

Knots and strokes: SHARON VIPOND (FOUNDER)

ROKO Studio has a wealth of experience and prove themselves to be a professional and creative powerhouse for their clients. They listen to your story and ask the key questions which force you to think outside the box and express the authentic identity of you enterprise.  Thereafter, they offer you options for you to select which best  portray the unique essence of your brand.

ROKO worked with me patiently and tirelessly to come up with my logo, tag line, brand colors.  ROKO has been with me every step of the way and continue to be my graphic designers for all my promotions and packaging needs.

Knots and Strokes work.